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Who Can I Claim Medical Expenses For?

aim for medical expenses is one of the most common provisions on the return, and affects the majority of tax filers, yet it is often the most misunderstood.

Medical expenses can be claimed for:

  • you, your spouse or common-law partner
  • a child or grandchild of you or your spouse who depended on you for support, and
  • adult children or grandchildren, a parent, grandparent, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, niece or nephew of you or your spouse who lived in Canada at any time in the year and depended on you for support.

Be Organized and Know Your Deductions

The most difficult part of preparing tax returns has very little to do with math ability or intelligence. It's all about organization. It usually takes longer to sort documentation than it does to enter the data onto the tax return itself. This is the major challenge for all taxpayers and a major impediment to tax efficiency. You need to get past this barrier to achieve a powerful relationship with the taxman.

It's true: the better you are at bringing order to your documentation, the wealthier you will be. You'll pay less to have a tax professional do your taxes, year over year, they'll do a more thorough and therefore better job at saving you money, and you'll benefit from being "ready”—with all the information to build wealth, after-tax.

You'll also help your executors out a lot when they are filing your final tax return. And that's just being kind.

So do yourself a favor and beat the taxman with an organized approach to your tax preparation.

Noble Tax Club

Noble Tax Club is a Division of Multi Services Enterprise Inc and encourages constant dialogue between our clients and Personal Tax Advisor. Our clients prosper from a better awareness and an unmatched education, through workshops and other presentation on relevant matters. Being able to go online at any time and forward questions or to pick up the phone and speak with a Personal Tax Advisor is a commodity we feel is essential to our clients success.

Noble Tax Club wants to see home-based, small and medium size business owners succeed by providing expert business, tax and bookkeeping/accounting information. We assist new business owners with their tax planning needs and identify deductions and other tax saving strategies that can help them keep more of their revenue and grow their business.

Noble Tax Club team leader has a wealth of business, tax and bookkeeping/accounting experience over 30 years of advising small and medium size business owners on how to keep most of the business revenue and grow your business. We interpret complicated tax rules and keep our clients informed about the latest tax changes. We provide our clients with valuable strategies for receiving all the deductions they are legally entitled to.

We look forward to our clients advancing in their business and personal goals, and Noble Tax Club is committed to continuing to provide excellent client support so all of our clients' business and tax needs are fulfilled.

Everyone needs to have legal advisor for your business and protection against Identity Theft, this membership is awesome.

To learn more about our tax planning services, contact us today and schedule your free 30 minutes telephone consultation.

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